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Don't do in weeks what you can do in days.

At Radphys Oncology scheduling weeks and months to commission, a linear accelerator is simply not an option. Our Hyperfast commissioning process does not cut any corners. Rather we use a team of experienced experts that work tireless hours to commission any modality on all linacs in a fraction of the time of our competitors. We test and verify all of our data and we ensure the utmost of accuracy in radiation delivery.

Sheilding Design

Our process involves comparison with an expected representative set of data for the project at hand. 


We compare all collected Depth Dose curves (Pdds), Tissue Maximum Ratios. (TMRs),  all output factors, Sc, Sp, Scpand OF at depth. All Wedge factors, Enhanced Dynamic  Wedges, and or motorized wedges, Collimator transmission, Focal Spot optimization, and several other factors. For electrons we are adept at collecting data for both Eclipse, and ADAC. 


We then enter the data and model the beam and produce several geometries that we verify by measurement. That includes 3D , IMRT,  Vmat and when pertinent portal dosimetry , and SRS cones. 

  • Whether its for a linear Accelerator, an HDR unit, a CT , or a PET/CT suite, or others . We are very experienced in all calculations. 

  • We work with your architects , and construction team to delineate all details, from shielding requirements, to Physics, and other conduits, we can also apply to the state for a license to treat as needed. 

Behind Sheilding

Want to hear more about our commissioning services. Please schedule an appointment and well get back to you right away 

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